June 29, 2022
What does interment mean at a Funeral?

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Death is the inevitable fact of life. It is acknowledged differently in different parts of the world. Some believe in the afterlife and some do not. Today we will see what interment means at a funeral in different communities around the world. It is the burial of deceased ones’ ashes, if a loved one dies you need to arrange for their internment so that their near and dear ones can bid a farewell and that person can be laid to rest permanently. internment mean

Interment meaning

Interment of ashes is all about placing them in a permanent place. Some choose a burial in a private land or in a cemetery for their deceased loved ones.

With that, lot of questions pops in our mind. Here we are with some immediate ones!

Can you bury ashes in an existing grave?

It is the most commonly asked question by many people, where in it possible that you can bury ashes in an existing family land or plot in a churchyard or private occupied land or you could also choose to bury them or scatter the ashes in gardens or in a sea or in a river.

At some places, civic authorities, landowners, or people might object about the burial of ashes in open as it may have some effect on the environment and/or the ecology. At many places, the facility of the funeral officer is available and it is advised that consulting a funeral officer is a good and sound idea as they can suggest you the best way and place for the burial of ashes. internment mean

What does interment mean at a Funeral?
What does interment mean at a Funeral?

Venues like football grounds and cricket grounds are the most popular choices but it is important to know the policy of the place well so best is to take advice from your funeral officer if you have any. There are funeral houses (Funeral service providers) that can also provide memorable burial of ashes to you. They also scatter ashes from the plane in a sea or in a river or on land, make them into a diamond memorial or a glass memorial.

You can also plant a tree in the memory of your deceased loved ones. At many places you can take those ashes to the tattoo artist, they can add it in the ink, and you can get a tattoo done in memory of your loved ones. internment mean

In many places, these days, many people choose “Green Funeral”. As the name suggests, it takes place in woodland or meadow areas and biodegradable coffins made out of cardboards, which are used in these funerals. It is a considerably better alternative to typical burying in wooden coffin and placing a headstone, as Green funerals are an eco-friendly alternative.

Woodland burial sites prefer planting a tree instead of placing headstones. Many cemeteries and churches provide for the interment of ashes also small headstones are allowed too, you are allowed to choose headstone color, design, pattern, finishing of your choice too. Read More: What Does Embalming Do to A Body know The Details

Now, let us figure out various methodologies of saying farewell

Interment funeral

It is a method or way of saying of final goodbye to deceased loved ones, who are no more between us. The final disposition of the deceased body (it can be of your pet dog or a cat or human) into the ground is what is an interment at a funeral is all about.

Various Ways of Commencing the Rituals

Interment is done by digging a pit or a trench then placing the body of the deceased and then by covering it. internment mean

Burying cremated remains in a cemetery, in the garden, or in some private land is considered as paying a respect to the dead. It also gives family members a closure and prevent odor of decay and no one like to see the decomposition of their loved ones, in many cultures, people believe that there is afterlife.

Burials are extremely ritualistic in nature and people are at their vulnerable most. In different communities across the world, funerals hold a different significance and are conducted differently.

What does interment mean at a Funeral?
What does interment mean at a Funeral?

India being a secular country has various religious strata.

Hindu Funeral Customs:

In Hindu funeral custom, the rituals are again commenced sensitively and followed step by step:

  • The body of the deceased remains at home usually for around 24hours before the actual ceremony starts.
  • Then it is taken to the Ghats wherein the male members of the family gather.
  • The body is set on a pyre and set alight by the eldest son of the family. The ashes formed thereafter are scattered in the holy river of Ganga or other places of importance to the deceased.
  • They also offer prayers and sing of holy songs and place flowers on the deceased body covered in white sheets.
  • Sprinkle holy water on the body of the deceased.

Mourners are dressed very simply, mostly in white and priest along with the son of the family conduct the rituals allowing mourners to view the deceased body quietly before the cremation. internment mean

Belief System:

In Hinduism, it has believed that after death the soul of the deceased hangs around for 13 days so after 13 days they offer prayer and food to the near relatives and community members.

Parsi Custom

The Parsi community has one of the most intriguing funeral rituals, Parsis funeral begin in a familiar way too many faiths, and they offer prayer and pay their respect to the deceased.

They have “dakhma”, also known as the tower of silence, is a circular structure built for dead bodies exposed to carrion birds, mostly vultures. internment mean

The procedure of Commencing Ritual

  • These towers have an almost flat roof, with the perimeter being slightly higher than the center.
  • The roof is divided into three concentric rings: the bodies of men are arranged around the outer ring, women in the second circle, and children in the innermost ring.
  • Once the bones have been bleached by the sun and wind, which can take as long as a year, they are collected in an ossuary pit at the center of the tower, where – assisted by lime.
  • They gradually disintegrate, and the remaining material – with run-off rainwater runs through multiple coal and sand filters before being eventually washed out to sea.

Belief system

In the Parsi community, burying or cremating the dead seen as polluting nature. With all the customs, the funeral is followed by the burials of the body. Let us quickly dig into the details to know the insights!

Ancient Egyptian believed burial as the most important process and they have believed in afterlife so it is very important for them to bury the body of the deceased comfortably and with the essentials.

They have believed that even after the death deceased holds all the emotion and still need to provide for their family living.

The family and relatives of the deceased wrapped the deceased body in a cloth and bury it with some daily use items such as food, water, money, and clothes. The nation has come a long way from building giant tombs for pharaohs with all the possible provisions for the afterlife including food, necessities, and servants. internment mean

What does interment mean at a Funeral?
What does interment mean at a Funeral?

However, since now the nation mostly has Islamic subjects so burial in white linen is what is most commonly practiced now.

There has been observed a change in the preference of type of funeral amongst families lately, many families are switching to electronic cremation. It low key version of conducting a funeral, which is faster and more efficient.

The process takes place in cremation chamber, also known as retort, of a crematory. Due to intense heat, body is reduced to its basic elements and dried bone fragments. The chamber is pre-heated at certain temperature and then the body is placed inside it. The time taken for the deceased body to turn into ashes is about 90 minutes. It is considerably less expensive than a typical funeral ceremony. It doesn’t take up any space in the ground and thus making it very efficient.

Burial at sea, is often ideal option for anyone who has served in Navy, marines, merchant navy, coast guards.

In fact, the department of navy offers free burial for navy veterans and their families, it has certain restrictions though. Burial at sea is less expensive in compare to the regular traditional burial.

In many countries, the burial at sea is highly regulated by the environmental protection agencies, so it is always advisable to hire a company or agencies that specialize in sea burials.

Bu, it will be interesting to know reality of remains. Here is it!

What happens to ashes underground and how long do cemeteries keep bodies?

Bones do not decay over time, remains after cremation can be scattered at places but bone fragments are not biodegradable, they will not decompose further.

Complete decomposition is only possible for organic materials, some people bury the ashes and the bone fragments underground with the urn itself, the urn being non-biodegradable stays the way it is for centuries after the burial.

The most commonly asked question is how long do cemeteries keep bodies after burial?

To be precise, when you purchase a piece of cemetery plot, it does not expire, and it is forever yours but there are few things, which are important to keep in mind. In some cases where the cemetery has been used for over a decades, cemetery can reclaim the cemetery plot. Laws regarding burial plots may be different in other different countries.

Interring Cremated Ashes on Private Property

It is possible but you need to take the permission from the owner of the property or if you are doing it in your own private garden then it is of no issues. It is legal to interred ashes in private property but it is also important that when you sell that property to other family or person, need to dig up the place and takes the ashes with you or you need to inform about the presence of human remains in your property before moving out of that property.

When cremated interment of ashes remains buried in the ground or placed in the building designed to hold the ashes, known as columbarium. Ashes are kept in urn when they are interred. If someone wants to inter ashes in public property then permit is required at some places before interring the ashes.

Interment vs internment

Interment and Internment, such closely similar sounding words, have extremely different meanings. Interment means to act or ritual of burial whereas Internment means confining or imprisoning someone especially during wartime for political or military reasons. Commonly known as wartime prisoners without any charges and there is no intent to file any charges against them.

What does interment mean at a Funeral?
What does interment mean at a Funeral?

Did you know? Interned prisoners were held in concentration camps. Back in 1830’s first civilian internment took place. Ten thousands inmates were kept held in one of the Italian concentration camps in Libya during Italian colonization of Libya.

Dealing with death of a near and dear one is one of the toughest moments any individual goes through. There is no right or wrong way of grieving, each grieves in their own way. The pain of losing someone can be very overwhelming for most of the people. It is not easy to lose loved ones and move on in our lives, losing loved ones is not only difficult for family but it is difficult for friends and colleagues too. In many ways, the deceased ones had touched our lives during their course of life.

People experience all kinds if difficult and unexpected emotions, ranging from anger to guilt to disbelief and profound sadness. The pain of grief can disrupt not only your mental but also your physical health, insomnia, loss of hunger are few of the most common after effects. The more significant the loss, the more intense your grief might be.

The grieving process for every individual is a unique experience; it is likely to depend on your personality, what your coping system is like, your faith and your life experiences. Healing is a slow process. For some it might be a matter of weeks, for others a couple of months and for some people it might even be years. It is important to be patient with yourself and the grieving process to naturally unfold.

How to deal with the grieving process, while grieving a loss is an inevitable part of your life, there are ways to cope with the pain, come to terms with it and in time figure out a way to move on with your life. The first step is to acknowledge your pain, accept that it will take time to recover and go back to your old life, seeking out support from your loved ones by talking to them has known to help, it has advised to take professional help if your grief is too much to bear for you.

Interment is a beautiful way to connect with our loved and dear ones who physically are no longer part of our life however, whose words and deeds will remain in our heart and mind till eternity.



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