florida water recipe

Florida Water Recipe | how to make Florida water

Traditional scented cologne water from America is known by Florida Water. The cooking direction chooses by southern practitioners of the witchcraft tradition to cleanse the places of residence and used it in the ceremony.Florida Water Recipe

Glimpse of Positivity

Florida water stands for Flower Water, blessed form the Spanish word ‘flore’.

What is the purpose of Florida water?

The purpose is to spread positivity all around you. Flower water aka Florida water is tremendously used in spiritual activities such as blessing, cleansing, protecting, offerings for the ancestors, healing, and removing negativity.

The incredible thing about Florida Water is that anyone can make it at home. MakingDiy Florida Water is such fun!

 florida water recipe
florida water recipe

As there is a trend going viral to Diy Florida Water, we brought to you some logical basic recipe to make Florida Water on your own.

Tip- The best innovative tip for you to make spiritual American cologne from the handy ingredients you have.

Before we acknowledge you with the procedure of making it we want you to tell What is Florida Water used for?

Magical Florida Water by putting in the atomizer bottle as a spiritual disinfectant, as well as a smear with oil at doors and windows. Additionally, folks use it in place of Holy water or pour it in a vessel by placing it on the altar for contributing.

We know your mind is chirping so far that How to make Florida Water?

Here We Go!

There are several recipes of Florida Water hence we have shortlisted three easiest, simple, and quick recipes for you.

Florida Water Recipe

Cooked & uncorked homemade cologne

We have brought three types of recipes to decorate, build, and make repairs at your place rather than choose a professional one. First of all, you need to be clear about the ingredients as in What are the ingredients of Florida Water?

To commence with points to be clear,

  • There is not any water-based potion used at any step but still, the name follows by word water.
  • The most important common ingredient of any recipe that you will need to pick fresh blooms or plant and essential oil to put as addable to make the procedure complete.
  • Vodka is used most commonly to precipitous flowers and herbs.

Expert’s Tip

It is better to use the cheap stuff for the bottom shelf especially you are a beginner. Sometimes in some of the recipes in the end it doesn’t make different to use ingredients like vodka even. The final result would be the same.

Finally, we have shortlisted some of the ingredients for the miracle spray.

Aromatic Greens,  Fresh Florals, Citrus, and Spices

Recipe 1: Easy


(You need to choose any two from these ingredients)

Aromatic greens:

Fresh mints(4 parts)

Fresh basil(4 parts)

Fresh rosemary(4 parts)


Fresh handy petals of your choice(3 parts)

Most picked: Rose, Jasmine, Lavender


Lemon peels(2 parts)

Orange peel(2 parts)

Lime peel(2 parts)


Allspice berries(1 part)

Cinnamon stick(1 part)

Cloves(1 part)

Step 1: Heat the vodka at low flame.

Step 2: After the first step, add all the dry stuff. Let it simmer. (5-10 minutes)

Step 3: Add remaining stuff.

Step 4: Flame should be the same as in step one and simmer more for about 40 minutes.

Here you go with the miracle!

As per the experts, the following two would be magical for Spring/Summer

Recipe 2: Rose-a-Licious

              Florida Water Recipe
florida water recipe

Apart from flora, spices, citrus & mint (common ingredients), I would like to mention proportion and picked flavor named. Also, some ready Florida Water used in these recipes.


3 to 4 bottles of a commercial Florida Water of your choice

3 potion antique roses (strongly scented preferably)

3 potion Jasmine blooms

3 potion fragrant greens like mint, lemon balm, lemon verbena, thyme

3 cinnamon sticks

Step 1: Amalgamate all the ingredients with each other nicely on the new moon day and let the procedure stay for another term for the lunar month.

Step 2: After this follow the procedure by straining out the plant material and add up essential oil to it. (any of your choice)

Step 3: Lastly, prepare a bottle, spritz, sprinkle, and feel the magic!

Recipe 3: Along With Cooking

In such a cooking recipe, one can use crockpot or stove.


5 bowls of vodka

9 cinnamon sticks

18 allspice berries

One (dried) orange peel

3 bowls rose petals

3 bowls Jasmine blooms (fresh from the garden)

3 bay leaves

½ cup dried angelica root

1 bowl fragrant green herbs

Step 1: Take all the dry constituent and heat on the low flame for about 10 minutes.

Caution: it can be furious at the point of adding vodka.

Step 2: Add all the fresh blooms and greens. Cook more for 30-45 minutes on the low flame.

Step 3: Stir occasionally and inhale for the test. When you are doing inhale test the botanicals comments be heavier than vodka.

Step 4: Take off the stove. Let it Cool. Add the volatile oil of your choice.

Ready to indulge and spread the fragrance!

Rosewater: the origin

Can the rose essential oil be made using Florida Water?

In the old times of, course rose water made from the roses and alcohol. Rosewater is nothing but clear rose herbs. It is simply generated during the process of extracting essential oils from the plants.

However, an attractive rose water smell divinely. It is used mostly in love drawing rites, sacred waters, and washes.

Where to buy Florida Water?

 florida water recipe
florida water recipe

Since the 19th century the companies Lanman and Murray are making and selling commercially. If you are looking forward to buying readymade Florida Water cologne you can get the pure product from any genuine online website as well as in the market also. 

What does Florida Water do spiritually?

Florida Water followed by the positive words as spiritual, cleaning, protection, prosperity & luck. It cleanses the soul and attracts good luck to you.

Florida water when used as Holy water use for cleansing and protection.

Overall, Florida Water use highly recommended to bring positivity al around you. It cleans the aura & and gives rebalance the vibration of your body.

Florida Water spiritual bath

To bring positive changes into life, a warm relaxing bath is a spiritual path.

Derive from ancient Rome, a ritual bath cleanses all chakras and reinvigorate your aura. It helps to be you in present and experienced a very positive state of mind.

The ritual activates by soaking in warm water with powerful oils, herbs which are added to the bathwater. Healing crystals can be added too. The spiritual bath brings real positivity changes into life ever than you have imagined.

The funda is to cleanse the mind and spirit by use of strong stuff that active the bathwater.  such vibrations for healing eliminate negativity. Pains, hurt, and the situations which no way longer serves you in any positive way.

Stuff like natural salt, lavender, baking soda, goat’s milk, rose cologne, sesame seeds, carnations, bath sachets are commonly used in the spiritual bath.

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