Does Bird Poop Symbolize Good Luck? Here’s the Real Story

Does Bird Poop Symbolize Good Luck Here’s the Real Story

From ancient folklore to modern superstitions, the belief that bird poop brings good luck has been a topic of curiosity and humor across various cultures. This peculiar notion, often met with skepticism or amusement, holds a unique place in the realm of everyday myths and legends.

But where did this belief originate, and why does it persist in contemporary times? This exploration delves into the historical roots, cultural significance, and scientific explanations behind the idea that an unexpected avian deposit could be a fortuitous event.

Whether you view it as an amusing anecdote or a sign of fortune, the story of bird poop as a harbinger of luck offers a fascinating glimpse into how humans find meaning and positivity in the most unexpected places. We aren’t sure if there’s anyone in the world who likes bird poop.

Is it good luck if a bird poops on you

After all, poop isn’t something to like. But what if we tell you something about bird poop that changes the way you look at it? What if today you learn about bird poop’s relationship with good luck? Are you still going to hate it? Maybe not. Maybe you will start looking for bird poop whenever you step outside your house? But we first have to find out if bird poop is really good luck or is it just a myth?

Read the table of contents before we proceed.

Is bird poop good luck?
Is it good luck if a bird poops on you?
Symbolic meaning of bird poop
Bird poop on car good luck
Bird poop on head good luck
What does it mean when a bird gets in your house?
Superstitions related to birds
Eight Birds That Are Considered Good Luck

A very interesting discussion and some very useful information await you inside. Come and explore.

The Poop-O-Logy

Let’s begin with the main question first, is bird poop good luck?
Surprisingly, it is good luck to get a bird pooped on you. While there are uncountable birds in the sky, it is said that getting bird poop on you is very rare, as rare as winning a lottery.

So basically, getting a bird’s poop on you is like winning a lottery ticket, a ticket that will bring you good luck. You weren’t expecting this answer, were you?

But why is it considered good luck?

But why is it considered good luck

The moment we get ready, step outside our house and see a bird nearby, all we think about is what if that bird will poop on our clothes, our head or on our car, isn’t it? We can’t bare the sight of getting ourselves dirty with a bird’s shit when we are all ready to go somewhere.

But now when you know about this superstition about bird poop, what are your thoughts on it? Do you know how this superstition justifies this act of birds pooping on humans and calling it a sign of good luck.

It is believed that birds cannot sit and poop like the other land animals and humans and so that have to poop while they are flying high in the skies spreading their wings. And so, as a gesture of apology, birds have made their poop a sign of good luck for the humans on which the poop drops.

In this manner, not only they can apologise for their actions but people will tend to hate their pooping habits a little less after finding out that these poops are actually a blessing in disguise.

World of Poopy Superstition

Superstition is the poetry of life.”

Wondering if there’s any other superstition in the bird kingdom? Yes, there are so many superstitions related to birds and all of them are written below for you.

. It is considered bad luck to see an owl during the day.
. It is unlucky to kill a sparrow because it carry the souls of the dead.
. A kingfisher is a very lucky bird.
. Whatever you do to a robin, will happen to you as well. choose wisely!
. It is unlucky to kill a sparrow because it carries the souls of the dead.
. If a blackbird makes a nest in your house, it is seen as good luck.
. If you see a magpie, tip your hat to avoid any kind of bad luck.
. Seeing 5 crows together is a sign of sickness, and seeing 6 crows together is a sign of death.

And those were some famous superstitions related to birds. sickness, and death superstition too seriously if you don’t believe in them, but don’t kill any bird as well, no matter if it’s a sparrow or any other bird.

Also, if you live somewhere where there are so many birds around you and they come into your house easily, now you know what it means when a bird gets in your house, right?

A Scoop on the Poop

“Hold your poop until we find a parked car.”

We just found out is it good luck if a bird poops on youBut a bird can poop anywhere and some of them might also have a meaning.

A Scoop on the Poop

Is Bird poop on head good luck?

Humans often like to dig in deeper when they find something good about anything. And so, we want to know if getting bird poop on your head or bird poop on a car is good luck or some special kind of good luck? Well, it doesn’t really matter if the poop has fallen on your head, arm, back or shoulder.

The thing is that it will still bring good luck to you and that too is good luck. Not only your body but if a bird poops on your car or anywhere on your property, you will get good luck and a lot of riches.

Now let’s also understand the symbolic meaning of bird poop. Not only a bird’s poop is a sign of good luck but it is also believed that if a bird has decided to poop on you, get ready to have a perfect day.
The other spiritual or symbolic meaning of bird poop includes:

Spiritual cleansing

  • The mess of your skin, clothes, and mind gets clean if a bird has pooped on you.
  • It is believed that a person begins a new spiritual journey if they have been pooped on by a bird.

Symbol of good fortune

  • Some believers or superstitious people also believe that a bird’s poop is a sign that you have been noticed by the higher being of the universe.
  • Your selfless, kind, helpful, and wise services have been recognized, and now it’s time for you to receive the result of these acts of goodness in the form of good fortune.

Sign of taking it slowly

  • A bird’s poop is sometimes also a sign that you need to slow down in your life and take things easy.
  • You must evaluate and rectify your actions and then act accordingly.

Bird Poop Sign of taking it slowly

Your investments, actions, beliefs and choices need to be looked upon properly before doing anything else. While there are so many meanings of a bird’s excreta, you need to find out which one suits you the most and what the world is trying to tell you?

Also, did you know that there is a famous belief in sailors related to bird’s poop?

It is said that sailors believe in bird’s poop so much that if a bird poops anywhere on the ship, they never clean it. They let the rain do the cleaning and until it happens a bird’s poop stays there untouched because according to these sailors, cleaning a bird’s poop from the ship is seen as wiping off your good luck.

And so, they let the rain do it naturally whenever it rains. Hence, birds pooping on you is not an inconvenience but actually a favourable event and since there are very low chances that a bird’s poop can fall on you, consider yourself the chosen one by the supernatural.

Poopy Talks

“If pooping is a call of nature, does that mean farting is a missed call?”

While we have discussed so many factors of luck related to bird’s poop, we must also discuss the importance of birds for us and for nature other than just being a sign of good fortune.

Ecological role of birds

  • You might know this or not but birds help in maintaining the sustainable population levels of their prey and predator species while they are alive and after their death, birds provide food for scavengers and decomposers.

Birds and humans

  • Birds also play a very crucial role in human life.
  • Birds and their eggs have been a very important and full of nutrition food source for humans for a very long time.
  • Bird’s feathers have also been used in making hats, hair-dresses and capes for humans.
  • Birds also have a spiritual, national or religious importance in various parts of the world.

Also, how can we forget that birds are also kept as pets by humans throughout the world.

Now let’s tell you the eight birds that are considered good luck in different parts of the world.

1. Doves symbolise peace and love
2. Eagles in native America 
3. Cuckoos in Europe
4. Cranes in Asia
5. Owls in Rome, Europe and America
6. Ravens by sailors
7. Phoenix symbolism renewed life 
8. Storks which are considered a symbol of good luck

And we have come to an end to the discussion of birds and their precious poop.


A poop can be a lot more than just a person/animal/bird’s excreta. From now onwards, take bird’s poop as a blessing from the angles and try to decode its special message that it has got for you.

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