September 29, 2022

Should I Go To a Funeral or Memorial Service

Many people questioned about should I go to a memorial service? They also do not know the reason for attending the funeral. Memorial service remembers the person who passed away and shows your support for the family members who lost one of their members. 

If you have been invited to a funeral then you should attend it. It is basic mannerism. It is also necessary to attend the funeral of the person who had a casual relationship with you. It shows your care and love towards the dead person and family members. Sometimes, many people feel very shy to attend this memorial. At the time, bring a friend or some close one with you and express your more support to their family. 

Attending a funeral is depends on your choice:

Should I Go To a Funeral or Memorial Service

If you are doubted that is it disrespectful to not go to funeral? Your decision is based you’re your feelings and thoughts that go on your mind at that time. Your attendance also depends upon the relationship between you and a dead person. When you feel that your presence on the memorial would affect the minds of the family members and you should avoid it. However, you should also think about your feelings when refusing to attend the memorial service. Some people feel that their care and support are not needed for family members. Few people are likely to attend the memorial service without any love, care, and support. 

Reason for avoiding funeral or memorial service:

What are the reasons to not go to a funeral? There are many answers to this question. When a funeral or memorial service is held far away from your location, many people find it is hard to attend. Their attendance is based on the relationship to the dead person. Sometimes, logistical and financial reasons never allow one to attend the funeral of a close relative or friend. At this time, make a phone call to their family members and share your bereaved and condolence to them. If you are not able to make phone contact then simply write a letter to them. 

If the dead person were not close to you, then you will write a letter to their family members or contact with the mobile phone. It is not necessary to attend the funeral of that person. Sometimes your health cannot make your travel to the funeral location. 

After hearing the above reasons, many people questioned that is it ok not to attend a funeral? These reasons are a valid cause for your absence from the memorial service. It is not your fault. Only time and situation play in your life and restricts your attendance at the funeral. But it is wrong that you are not attending the funeral of a known person other than these reasons. 

Etiquette for missing a funeral:

Should I Go To a Funeral or Memorial Service

One must know the etiquette for missing a funeral. There are some proper and respectful things to do on missing the funeral of your close one. First, tell the reason for your absence to their family members. Send them a condolence message or sympathy card. You will explain your love, care, and support to them and never explain any reason for your absence. This is because any reason will not acceptable to people who lost their loved ones. Try to meet them at a convenient time. You must attend the related memorial service, reception, etc. 

Funerals are sad events in our life. Naturally, everyone will have to go to a funeral and you see no one is happy about it. But attending a funeral is considered one of the polite thing to do for the family. 

There are some other reasons for the question of why you should always go to the funeral. Funerals are more important for those feeling not well due to the heavy loss and it may feel like they are too deep in mourning at the funeral home. It gives unpleasant and downright painful as it is, the fact of the matter is that grief must be expressed to be processed so that the slow slog towards healing can begin. So, a funeral can be an important first step on that long journey through grief.

Wake or funeral – which one will you like to attend?

Is it ok to go to a wake but not the funeral? This question is asked by many people in this world. Before that, we must know about the difference between a funeral and a wake. A wake is a visitation which occurs before the funeral. Everyone pays respect and offers condolences to the dead person. A funeral is a ceremony to honoring the deceased person who is placed in a container and the clergyman or celebrant includes prayers and mantras for the dead person. It is ok to go to a wake without attending a funeral. A funeral is possessed by family members and no need to involve third persons. 

Share your condolence to your co-workers funeral:

Should I Go To a Funeral or Memorial Service

We like to ask a question to you. For example, you come to know that your co-worker passed away. Should you feel obligated to go to a past co-worker’s funeral? It is not a typical question. We suggest that you should attend this funeral. This is because it is the foremost duty to attend the memorial service or funeral of your co-worker. You will talk to their family member and share your condolence with them. Tell some positive things about the dead person.

The company he worked for will shut down for a day after hearing the news of a co-worker’s death. So, you will have enough time to visit the body and deliver your respect. Just remember some moments spent with him at this event. If you don’t know about that person, then you may discuss with your co-workers. It depends on your mind. 

Do you have a question that who should attend a funeral? Anyone can attend the funeral. Mostly, the family members, close relatives, friends, and colleagues are likely to attend a funeral. While others are likely to attend memorial service, wake, etc. 

Have you got all these points?

We hope that you will find an answer to the question should I go to a memorial service? Keep these points in your mind and remember when you attending any funeral or memorial service. Share these points with your friend and relatives and let them know about the reason and way of attending a funeral. 

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