10 Christian Symbols And Meaning

10 Christian Symbols And Meaning

We see signs and symbols everywhere. Interestingly, we just see them and register them in our minds for what they are associated with. Rarely do we try to dig and find out why a particular symbol is associated with a Christian Symbols And Meaning

But the fact is that the entire culture is dependent on symbols. So today’s readers will be around religious symbols. We see them and have certain interpretations of them, which might be true or myths. There are strong emotions associated with religious symbols.

So today what I have for you in store is all about Christian Religious Symbols. I am sure you will enjoy the read and will be better equipped to interpret the Christian Religious Symbol.

Let’s answer the questions we have in mind:

Christianity Symbols And Meaning

The cross is the main symbol of Christianity, representing Jesus’ crucifixion and his passion. Jesus carries the heavy cross on his way to his crucifixion a long way in the Bible. As a Christian, Jesus is considered to have sacrificed himself and died for the sins of others. 

The heavy cross symbolizes, therefore, the heavy burden Christ carried for all Christians. Individuals can interpret the cross in many different ways, depending on its meaning, symbolism, and interpretation. Can you tell me what the symbol of the crucifix means to you?

What Are Religious Symbols?

What Are Religious Symbols?

It is a planned and deliberate iconic representation of a particular religion. It can also be an explicit conception within one religion itself. This includes prime examples of acts, artwork, or events in Christianity.

Considering the same, some symbols bring up the Christian religious ideas and concepts that are majorly derived from the Bible. Even if we take a closer look, the church itself is a huge monument of the symbol.

Wondering, ‘What are Symbols of Christian Churches?’

Here are the quick checkpoints:

  • Sacraments
  • Icons
  • Domes

So, now, let’s Know more about what christian religious symbols are.

Religion Talks

The T-SHAPED symbol of Christianity has been one of the most popular and iconic symbols that illustrates the teachings and sayings of the bible of faith and power.

But, do you know that there are more symbols to know that have extremely fascinating facts and knowingly and unknowingly are used as tattoo designs too?

Let’s get a glimpse here for details

Early Christian Symbols Are:

  • Cross and Crucifix
  • Ichthys                                                        
  • Alpha and Omega                                        
  • Staurogram
  • Chi Rho
  • IH Monogram
  • IX Monogram

Other Christian Symbols

  • The Good Shepherd                                          
  • Peacock                                                             
  • Anchor                                                             
  • Eye of Providence                                             
  • Lily crucifix      
  • Dove     
  • Lamb 
  • Pelican 
  • Shamrock  
  • Elemental symbols                                        

Isn’t it amazing to get on a journey of finding Christian Religious Symbols?

So let’s continue it.

Symbolic Mystery

The early Christian Symbols have specific meanings and interpretations of each.

Cross and Crucifix.

There is no second thought that the Christian Religious Symbol “Cross” is the most recognized symbol of Christianity today.

In all probability, it represents the structure and shape that was used to crucify Lord Jesus Christ depicting victory over sin and death by sacrificing his body. Christian Symbols And Meaning

On the other hand, the Protestantism symbol has an empty cross laying focus on the resurrected risen Christ.


An early Christian Symbol that is of utmost importance and stands first is that of a fish. The reason behind its popularity is the famous acrostic or poem which has the first letters of five Greek words forming the word for fish (Ichthus). It’s a brief but crisp description of the character of Christ.

Alpha and Omega

Early Christian symbols show the statement of Jesus which goes “I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End”.


It is a Greek word meaning Cross which is widely used in New Testament.

Chi Rho

Early Christian Symbol was shaped with the help of the first two letters (CAPS) chi and rho to form a Greek word meaning Christ and in ancient Christianity. Christian Symbols And Meaning

 IH Monogram

In Greek Iota (I)and Eta (H), when are superimposed on each other mean Jesus Christ.

IX Monogram

As per the early Christian symbols and beliefs Iota (I) and Chi (X) were used to form the word Jess Christ.

Other Christian Religious Symbols Explained:

Other Christian Religious Symbols Explained

  • The Good Shepherd.

In Rome, a good shepherd carrying a sheep on his shoulder is the most common symbol representing Jesus Christ.

  • Dove.

Dove is considered to be a Christian soul. As per Bible during the baptism of Jesus the Holy Spirit came down and rested on Jesus as a Dove. The Christian soul over here signifies the soul of a holy spirit clean and pious.

  • Peacock.

The flesh of Peafowl never decays as per old belief and thus is considered immortal. One of the Christian symbol images is widely seen in ancient paintings and mosaics. Peacock feathers have eyes that represent the cosmos and God watching everyone everywhere.

  •  Pelican.

The pelican is another Christian symbol image that nurtures her young ones by feeding them with her blood in the absence of food.

  • Anchor.

Considered as a symbol of safety in ancient times it was thus adopted as a Christian religious symbol denoting hope of future existence. Christian Symbols And Meaning

  • Shamrock.

 Shamrock represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost represented as being a single God.

  • Eye of Providence.

The Eye of God in a triangle is still used in church and Christian beliefs which represent Trinity and God’s being present everywhere.

  • Elemental Symbols.

Christian religious symbols include water which is used to baptize and apart from that represents purity and a clean soul. Fire is considered pure and the flame of the candle spreads the light of God.

  • Lily Crucifix.

A lily crucifix depicts Christ crucified on a lily or holding such a plant in England is another Christian religious symbol.

  • Lamb:

Christian religious symbol lamb represents victory and suffering. It also means pure innocence, and gentleness and when depicted with a Lion it means paradise.

This is so beautiful that our ancient folks understood so much about symbols and spiritualism.

Religion For Healing

Religion is directly associated with healing.  As per the Bible, there are three types of healing in Bible namely:

  • Spiritual Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Physical Healing.

There are symbols for each healing and symbols in the Bible depict each healing.

Dove, Water, Fire, The Cloud, and Anointing with oil are the symbols of healing in the Bible associated with Spiritual Healing.

Colors represent emotions therefore they have been used as symbols of healing in the Bible.

There is a symbol of redemption in the Bible which represents the cross as Jesus had laid his life on it for us. Christian Symbols And Meaning

These Christian religious symbol images are seen as early Christian symbols as well as catholic symbols and have meanings.

Catholic Symbols And Meanings:

Symbols of the catholic church have always been eye-catching and fascinating. Furthermore, the interpretation of different cultures has impacted greatly the way it is always shown in various movies.

Hence, today this good read will enlighten you on some more major catholic symbols along with their meaning.

So, let’s get started!

  1. Crucifix: Sacrifice and atonement
  2. Alpha and Omega: The first and last letters of the Greek alphabet used various times in the Church liturgical year
  3. The Cross:  Jesus death and resurrection
  4. The Sacred Heart: Jesus’ physical heart represents divine love
  5. IHS and Chi-Rho: Another symbol for Christ
  6. The Fish: Oldest Christian symbol
  7. Fleur de Lis: Lily composed of three petals depicting the trinity in oneness
  8. The Dove: Holy Spirit
  9. Crossed Keys: Keys of Heaven
  10. The Lamb: Innocence and Purity

Christian Imagery and Christian Symbol images are nothing but SACRED

Symbols are mostly seen in both sections of Christianity. Protestantism symbol usually is an empty cross showing that Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead unlike a crucifix showing Christ on the cross, as in the Roman Catholic belief system. Protestants allow the cross to be worn as jewelry.

Well, this was an effort to explain Christian Imagery and we hope you enjoyed reading it.

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