The Eye Of The Tiger- What Does It Mean?


We have all heard the phrase ‘the eye of the tiger meaning’ at one point or another in our lives. So what exactly does someone mean when they use this expression and where did it originate? “

Eye of the Tiger” means being very focused on a particular goal so that no obstacle can stop you from achieving your goal. And the phrase came from the last thing that a tiger’s prey sees before being killed. When a tiger attacks its prey, it does it with a single-minded focus, while being very confident of making the kill.

Hence, another way in which this expression can be interpreted is to be confident and certain in one’s own abilities and have a never-say-die attitude.

In What Situations Can You Use “Eye Of The Tiger”?

When you encounter a person who is fierce and confident with a single-minded focus, power, and strength, you can use the expression “the eye of the tiger” to describe their intensity and drive toward their goals. This level of focus in a person is an admirable quality and can be accurately appreciated by using this phrase. 

What Are The Correct Ways To Say “Eye Of The Tiger”? 

What Are The Correct Ways To Say “Eye Of The Tiger”? 

Eye of the Tiger is a popular expression and has several interpretations and alternative ways of saying it. Here are some ways in which you can use this phrase:

  • Eye of the Lion
  • Eye of the Tiger
  • Eye of the Cheetah
  • Eye of the Dog

The “Eye Of The Tiger” As A Symbol Of Single-Minded Determination

To better understand this expression, one needs to see a video of a tiger hunting because their intensity, fierceness, and focus are what inspired this phrase. Tigers, like humans, have forward-facing eyes that give us binocular vision, which means that the two fields of vision come together to create a three-dimensional image.

Also, tigers have a very sharp vision that not only helps them hunt by measuring distances accurately but also makes them capable of detecting movements in the darkness.

This makes them good hunters, even during the night. When they are hunting their prey, tigers stalk their prey with laser-eyed focus and try to get as close to them as possible. When they go for the kill, they take down their prey with a bite to the neck. Their intense focus and determination have been interpreted to be the never-say-die attitude that leads to victory. 

How To Use “Eye Of The Tiger” In A Sentence

Eye of the Tiger can easily be used in your daily life by following the examples given below, which will help you understand how to use this expression correctly in a sentence:

  1. Looking at their determination, you can tell they have the eye of the tiger in them. 
  2. I went into the preparation for my exams with the eye of a tiger. 
  3. It is important to have the eye of the tiger when playing a game. 
  4. He doesn’t have the eye of the tiger so she won’t be able to succeed in this competition. 
  5. He has been working really hard at training it seems he has the eye of the tiger. 
  6. He really needs to have the eye of the tiger if he wants to win.
  7. If you can get the eye of the tiger, you can accomplish great things in life.
  8. You need to work hard until you get the eye of the tiger in order to not let anyone tear you down.
  9. You can tell that she has the eye of a tiger.

The “Eye Of The Tiger” As The Last Thing You See Before You Die

The “Eye Of The Tiger” As The Last Thing You See Before You Die

It is often said that once you have seen the “the eye of the tiger meaning” of the tiger, that moment signifies death. This saying comes from the fact that right before the moment a tiger attacks, its ears are turned forward and the spots on the back of its ears facing closer to the prey become visible.

These spots look like eyes and so they work to save the tiger from an attack from behind by another predator. So, when anyone sees the tiger’s “eyes”, it means the tiger is going for the kill. 

Other Meanings Of “The Eye Of The Tiger”

The eye of the tiger has multiple interpretations. Some of them are listed below:

The eye of the tiger also symbolizes internal power and strength. So when you want to say you have found your inner strength, you can say, “I’ve found the eye of the tiger meaning”. 

The eye of the Tiger is also a cultural reference to Rocky III’s theme song, written by American Rock Band called Survivor. The song is about feeling confident and powerful. 

Tiger’s Eye is also a form of quartz that is believed to work for physical and spiritual well-being. It is also believed to aid in psychic protection and clear thinking. 

The expression the eye of the tiger is also used to describe someone’s hunger and passion for a particular goal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does the eye of the tiger come from?

The phrase comes from the tiger’s “the eye of the tiger meaning” which can be seen when it is about to go in for the kill. Its ears turn forward so that the spots on its ear look like eyes which prevent any predators from attacking it from behind. When its “the eye of the tiger meaning” can be seen, it means it is going to attack. 

2. What is the eye of the tiger good for? 

The phrase Eye of the tiger is good to use while describing someone’s single-minded focus on a goal or their confidence and fierce strength. 

3. Who coined the phrase eye of the tiger? 

The phrase became popular when it was used by the rock band Survivor who released a song titled the eye of the tiger meaning for the film Rocky III. 

4. Why is the eye of the tiger so famous?

Eye of the tiger is a popular song and appealed to the masses for its strong beat and the message to never back down from a challenge or give up in difficult situations. 

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