What Does The Bible Say About Tarot Cards?

What Does The Bible Say About Tarot Cards?

What the Bible Says About Tarot Cards reading, horoscope reading, palm reading, etc., have a firm hold on the superstitious believers in our society. Whether the verdicts given by these psychics are applicable or not is based on a completely subjective perspective. 

Barring what implications tarot card readings have on society, do you want to know what does the bible say about tarot cards? 

This article deals with this interesting analogy in depth. So if you a Christian or an advocate of Christianity, do tune in to know that the bible has to say about tarot card readings. 

Are Tarot Cards A Sin?

Not stated specifically as tarot cards, but psychics were considered as an abomination by the Lord. He believed that the ability to hold power to see the future and tell fortune is considered as a sin. 

Those who engaged in these activities were considered impure and satanic. The Lord equated the psychics to demons who are to be shunned to hell. There is no place in heaven for them 

So, if you are a Christian and believe in God, do not indulge in tarot card readings because you are committing and the ominous sign which will not be forgiven by the Lord. 

Tarot Cards And Bible

Tarot cards are a pack of 78 cards with each of the cards having their own imagery and story behind it. Tarot cards were discovered 600 years ago as a recreational game, similar to our normal card games. 

However, as witchcraft and psychics took over the superstitious world, they transformed these game cards into those 78 cards which could dictate anyone’s future and tell them their fortune. 

Naturally, it attracted people into visiting these psychic doctors who could supposedly tell them what their future beheld. 

Here is the deal with superstitions.

If by chance one fortune-telling turns out to be true, word spreads like fire and invites more and more people into trying this. 

However, the bible is strictly against such future readings. Here is what it has to say about tarot cards. 

Before entering the holy area of the Promised Land, God had warned the people against the practice of divinity. In Deuteronomy 18:9-12, Leviticus 19:26, it reads, “ Do not practice divination or seek omens.”

Being curious about the future is normal. However, being a Christian, do not resort to the path of practicing divinity because it will lead you to Satan. Have faith in Him, get to know Him, and leave your faith completely up to him. 

Under no circumstance can you read the Holy Bible and at the same time practice divinity. It is a sin of a high order. 

The Bible has linked tarot card readings to demonic activity. In a phrase from Acts 16, Paul comes across a slave girl who happens to be a fortune-teller. The Bible Say About Tarot Cards

She had made lots of money out of fortune-telling from her master. She is said to have been possessed with demonic spirits, which Paul had managed to cast out in the name of Jesus Christ. 

So, as you can tell, the Bible isn’t really a big fan of tarot cards if it compared it to demonic activity. 

Why Tarot Cards Should not be done, Catholics say...

1 Peter 5:8 states, “ Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” This means that all the guilty pleasures of life are called guilty for a reason.

They go against the morals of purity and are easy to access. This is because the Devil is always hovering above their vulnerable heads waiting for them to break, so he can prowl in. It is much easier to succumb to these pleasures rather than indulging in maintaining your chastity. 

It is imperative that you, as a Christian know what kind of activities you must not indulge in before it is too late and the Lord cannot forgive you. 

Tarot Cards and Christianity

As tempting as being curious about the future is, as a Christian and a follower of the Lord, you cannot risk indulging in practicing divinity. Being associated with a psychic or a fortune-teller is the worst kind of sin you can commit. 

Here is what Christianity preaches against divinity and any activity which is directed against this is termed as a sin. 

Isaiah 4 6:10 preaches that the only person on whom your future rests in God. He is the sole reason behind your future and beholds all the information about what your future looks like Give yourself to the Lord and he will guide you down a path where you will only receive positivity and attain chastity.

By attaining chastity, you will always remain pure, and under the protection of God. 

Romans 8:17 says that the future is always bright for those who know Him. If you know God, you will know that you can trust Him with your life to guide you down the right path. Cross Him once by indulging in divinity and you will go down the path to Hell.

This path will only lead you to Satan and once you reach there, you will never find peace again. You will have committed a sin and God will turn away from you because you have been making deals with the Devil. 

Isaiah 8:19 states that true chastity lies in trusting God and God alone. Never trust fortune-tellers or psychics because they seek help from the dead to know about your future. When you are pure and under God’s protection, you need not seek help from anyone else. 

3:5-7 states “Fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.” Don’t let the negative pleasures seduce you. Remember, whenever you take a step towards Satan, the Lord will mark you as a sinner. 

Are Tarot Cards Satanic? 

Even though there is no exact mention of the name ‘tarot’ in the Bible, anything to do with mysticism and fortune-telling has been considered a sin by the Lord. He has asked everyone to not practice divinity. Tarot card reading falls under this category, so yes. They possess satanic qualities.

Satan, Lucifer, Devil, as you call it is the complete opposite of everything that is pure and chaste. According to the Bible, if you are indulging in divinity practices, it is said to lead you to Satan’s waiting arms. 


Hence, the conversation suggests staying away from tarot card readings and considered as an evil activity. So keep your knowledge intact to understand all the aspects of the skill and move on with the learning in the right manner.

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