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Jehovah witness beliefs story of evolution

For centuries man has been trying to find answers to some very basic and yet some crucial questions i.e. How he came into existence? Many of us believe in the story of evolution. Furthermore, historians have even classified our evolution into certain ages like Jehovah witness beliefs

  • stone age,
  • iron age,
  • copper age and so on

However, all the research has still left the basic question unanswered of how we came into existence. Did someone create us? How did he create us? Is there anyone more powerful and supreme who has created this whole existence? Or, does it work in tandem so perfectly that we humans have been trying to incorporate it in every aspect of our life to create certain harmony and simplify our life.

Well, these questions are relevant and encourage the discovery. So, keep reading for reality check!

Religion is one such endeavor of human species wherein we are trying to bring balance into our ever-evolving life and ever-changing circumstances around us. Let us delve little deeper in one such endeavor of humans to understand a few mysteries of life. Here we go, fellas! Let’s know more about the crucial grounds and find out, what are the basic beliefs of Jehovah witnesses

Jehovah is a name of God in the Old Testament, a display of unutterable, untold, or something abominable. Jehovah is a Latinization of the word Hebrew (Latin alphabet to transliterate Hebrew words), one vocalisation of the Tetragrammaton (is the Hebrew name of the god transliterated in four letters as YHWH or JHVH and expressed as Yahweh or Jehovah.

Jehovah is the holiest name of the god in Hebrew.

As per the believers, the name is as holy as one never wrote or spoken and no one is ever sure how exactly it should be pronounced. So, what does Jehovah’s witness believes in?

Jehovah witness believes that Jesus Christ is the God’s only begotten son and his life started In heaven, he is described as God’s first creation and he’s is what exactly god is, he’s a separate entity not a part of the trinity. Jehovah witness beliefs

Jehovah witness beliefs
Jehovah witness beliefs

Do You know?

Jehovah’s Witnesses are best known for their door to door preaching’s, distribution of literature such as The Watchtower and Awake. They publish both the books on a monthly and four months gap. This group prefers their own translation of the bible in their own words. Moreover, Jehovah’s witnesses got a worldwide presence, when because of their own beliefs and rituals they refused to respect the national flags, national anthem, military services, etc.

Due to this, they have got into many conflicts with different governments. In order to maintain the national decorum and in order to protect the public interest. Many Jehovah witnesses were either banned or punished and the governments banned their activities.

Fascinating Facts, right! There is more!


Charles Taze Russell was the founder of Jehovah’s witnesses in the late 1870s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the U.S. This group emerged from the “Bible Student Movement”, (it was a Millennialist Restoration Christian movement, started after the teachings of Charles Taze Russell). Jehovah’s witnesses received a lot of criticism for their nature of forcing and threatening people to follow their beliefs, policies they have made. Due to this, they have been the subject of inquiries in different countries by different governments.

Certain policies such as, “Handling cases of sexual abuse of a child” have also been under various formal inquiries. Considering all the facts, a one basic yet important certainly requires a light and that is What are the basic beliefs of the Jehovah witness?

So, let us find out next piece of reality!

What does Jehovah’s witness believe happen when you die?

These are some of the frequently asked questions and important questions. Jehovah witnesses firmly believe that “God – The Father” (whose name is Jehovah) is the only god, true god. According to them, Jesus Christ is god’s (Jehovah) first-born child, he is subservient to God, and God created him. The holy spirits are not a person; it is God’s active force.

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that God is the supreme force and the creator. They look at God as a father, an unseen spirit, who has separated from his beloved son, Jesus Christ. Well, the strong belief certainly needs the acknowledgment. Hence, we figured out the answer to the question that says:

Do Jehovah’s witnesses celebrate anything?

Jehovah’s witnesses’ traditions in life are very different from how other people celebrate and enjoy socializing with each other. Jehovah’s witnesses do not believe in partying, drinking, dancing or socializing outside their own community. At the same time, they are not completely against party, drinking, dancing, and music, if done in moderation.

Though, celebrations are indeed considered a part of the parcel in life. But you will be amazed to know that Why don’t Jehovah witnesses celebrate birthdays? Apparently, that is because they have believed that Jesus Christ never asked that his birth or any other birth to be celebrated, he only wanted his death to be remembered.

Apart from birthday’s Jehovah witnesses don’t believe in celebrating Easter, Christmas, Halloween, or any other national holidays because as per there belief these are false religious beliefs or activities and should not be celebrated at all. They do not celebrate their own birthdays or any other occasion like Mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s Day.

Well, this clears the fog that freedom is attached with certain parameters. So, let us check out the bounderies.

Jehovah witness Rules

Members of Jehovah witnesses practice very strict moral codes and rules and those forbid them from premarital sex, adultery, smoking, consumption or use of any kind of drugs and even blood transfusion.

As they do not believe in blood transfusion, so to accept organ transplants or to donate organs is completely at their sole discretion.

What if Jehovah witness Member leaves?

Jehovah’s witness’s rules are that if someone leaves the Jehovah community they will be boycotted in extreme. To an extent where even parents, siblings, or friends of the person being instructed to cut all the ties and they are not allowed to form or develop any kind of close relationship with people who are not the part of the community. Jehovah witness is not only discouraged to join any groups or teams outside the community but is also discouraged to pursue higher education.

Jehovah witness beliefs
Jehovah witness beliefs

Additionally, this discouragements is following certain belief

  • Existence of Satan : Jehovah witnesses believes Satan still exists and rules amongst us and he uses media, government bodies, religions, faiths to corrupt peoples mind, body and soul. They see this as a valid and strong reason for not obeying any authorities in the world such as government, police, and courts especially when law goes against their beliefs.
  • Existence of Evidence: They believe that if anyone has committed any sin then it takes two witnesses to prove it else the crime does not stand any acknowledgment.

Besides, Jehovah’s witnesses believe that end of the world is very near and it can happen anytime, when the time will come there will be a brutal war between God and the human government and the entire humanity will be dead. They also believe that global conflicts such as terrorism, ISIS, and brutal natural disasters are the signs that we are on the verge of the final destruction and the world will end very soon, anytime now. Read More: what does internment mean at a funeral Type a message

“Also, as a matter of fact Jehovah witness does not believe in hell.”

Why Jehovah witnesses do believe only 144,000 go to heaven?

Just like many other beliefs, they have; they also believe that exactly 144,000 faithful Christian from Pentecost of 33 AD until the present day have been revived to heaven as immortal spirit beings. They will get to spend unending time with Jesus Christ.

It is to be believed by Jehovah’s witnesses that these people are, “anointed” by God to become part of the spiritual “Israel of God”. They say that God soon will begin the worldwide war called Armageddon, and people who do not obey and worship him the way he has expected them to be will be killed in Armageddon.

Jehovah witness believe in the part of bible that is symbolic and figurative.

Jehovah’s witnesses follow the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ and also believe he is the son of God but he himself is not a god. Such beliefs some time lead to thinking, does Jehovah witness have funerals or not? Jehovah’s witnesses’ memorial service etiquette is similar to other Christian faith, it lasts only for 15 or 30 minutes.

The funeral usually takes place within a week after death. They do not have open caskets. During the funeral Men wear a suit and tie and women are expected to dress modestly, no head coverings are required for both.

Flowers and food are offered to the family before, during the service and after the service. Services usually take place in the worship hall of Jehovah witnesses, Kingdom Hall. During the funeral service, they highlight the deceased person’s life along with the accomplishments of their life. The purpose of the talk is to comfort the bereaved family.

Jehovah witnesses are allowed to choose to have either a burial or funeral service in the kingdom hall. Jehovah witness believes that once the person is dead, his existence stops completely, this is because in the bible it is mentioned that human beings do not have an immortal soul that survives when the body dies.

Jehovah witnesses have faith and understand that there is no hell.

Once the sinner is dead, they cannot be tormented and their existence is over and nothing can be done to them or for them. Jehovah’s witnesses accept as true that death is not the end of everything each will be remembered by God and finally be resurrected.

What do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe about Jesus?

They believe that he is not a god or anywhere near to god. He is from the firstborn of God. Jesus is not equal to god. This is very different than the main orthodox Christianity. J.W. org explains, “We take Jesus at his words when he said: ‘The father is greater than I am.’ (John 14:28)So do not worship Jesus, as we do not believe that he is almighty God”. Jehovah’s witnesses’ traditions and Jehovah’s witnesses’ practices do not believe in celebrating Easter, Christmas, or thanksgiving because the bible does not say anything to practice these holy days.

Jehovah witness beliefs
Jehovah witness beliefs

For Jehovah’s witnesses, the most important day is the memorial of Christ’s death because this is the only observance commanded by Jesus Christ.

On the anniversary of the last supper, the memorial is celebrated every year. The celebration includes going to the place and worship and listening to the explanation of why Jesus’ death is so important and why did he sacrifice his death. On Memorial Day Jehovah witnesses open up for the free celebration to the public and encourage members of Jehovah witnesses to invite their friends and family as well.

Who do Jehovah witness worship is another important question asked by many people? Jehovah’s witnesses worship “Jehovah” as rather than “God” since they focus there worships on Jehovah not on Jesus because as per them, Jesus is the Jehovah’s direct creation.

Jehovah’s witnesses practice the belief that the Holy Spirit is a force and not a person. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jehovah is the only one and true and he is the creator. Jehovah’s witnesses identify as Christians but their beliefs are different than Christians beliefs.

Most Jehovah witnesses claim that their religion is most sacred and is the one true faith leading to eternity. By now if you are surrounded by the thought; “is Jehovah witness the true religion?” you must know that this is not sure as some of the Jehovah witnesses contradict their own faith and its belief by not agreeing to the majority Jehovah witnesses.


It’s crucial for all human beings to accept that each of us have our own path to choose and our destiny to follow. All the religions across the world are set of rules or code of conduct laid down over the centuries to help us lead to the path of self-evolution and realisation. Jehovah is one of those path laid down by Jesus for the people to follow to attain self-realisation and self-righteousness!



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