What to write to someone for the anniversary of a death

What to Write to Someone for the Anniversary of a Death

“Those we love don’t go away.

They walk beside us every day.”

While there are so many different kinds of losses in this busy and evolving world, from finances to jobs, relationships, careers or flunking in exams.

Yet the biggest loss of all time for anyone is losing their loved ones.

No matter if the person was elderly and had enjoyed their whole life or it was a child who was yet to experience so many great things in life, we are usually non-biased when we mourn our dear ones.

But it is even more difficult for the family members of the dead person who are left behind.

They pain they feel and the emptiness they experience after losing a family member is beyond measure.

One of the best ways to help the morning friend/family is by expressing our feelings and sending them consoling words by writing them a paragraph that holds a complete meaning of your love, bonding and relationship for that person.

But we are so hurt at the time of death that we often can’t express ourselves openly.


What to Write to Someone for the Anniversary of a Death

Our emotions get struck inside of us and if we are unable to console ourselves, how can we console the other person who has experienced a much greater loss than us?

And in that moment, we are often sacred of writing something inappropriate to the family of the person who is no more.

To help you get through this situation, we are here to help you to express yourself.


To help you from escaping the heartbreak that you might get if you won’t find the right words to satisfy your soul while writing a heartfelt letter to the deceased person’s family on their death anniversary.

There are chances that all these talks might be making your heart feel a little heavy, just hold onto your emotions and read below some of the most beautiful ways in which you can write to someone for the anniversary of a death.

But before moving forward, have a quick look at the contents.

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What to write to someone for the anniversary of a death?
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Still here? You seem to be a strong person.

Kudos to your emotional strength and now with this strength come along and read all the heartfelt information given below.

Giving Voice to all the Unsaid Feelings!

Here is how you can write to them and how you can express yourself on a death anniversary.

What to Write to Someone for the Anniversary of a Death
  • What to write to someone for the anniversary of a death?

“Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow”

This is one of our favourite quotes to help a person cope who has lost his/her family member.

But how about conversing well?

Well, here some ways and tips for you to handle the difficult times


Instead of talking about all the bad memories, write about all the good memories you had with the person who has passed way and the person you are writing the letter to.

Mention how you three had so many happy moments together and they are enough for the rest of your lives.

And while this might sound like you are talking to some grammar Nazi, always make sure to ignore any kinds of grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors in such letters.

It will be very inappropriate for the person who is going to read your letter as these errors will make it look like you have not written the letter with your whole heart. You are just writing them casually or doing some formality which will look rude to them.

The next thing to remember is that you are writing on a death anniversary which means sufficient time has passed and the other person is not in a very bad shape.

So, always remember to add some light humour to your letter whenever its appropriate and fits properly.

Don’t forget to add compliments for the person you are writing too. Its one of the best ways of motivating someone.


Tell them how proud you are of them for handling everything nicely and coping up with the loss maturely.

Inspire them by saying how the dead person must be sending them blessings and love for their bravery and their way of conducting things.


And lastly, don’t forget that when you are remembering loved one, you must keep it simple and not too long.

Don’t make the letter too informative or too boring. Keep it as simple as you can and end it with some smiles if you can.

If you are thinking, it’s easy for face-to-face conversation. Keep in mind!

Doesn’t matter if you letter is written on a piece of paper or you are sending it via email. 

You are sending them a text message or calling them to make them feel better, the ways to remember a loved one who has died should remain simple, authentic and traditional.

Things to do in memory of a loved one:

  • Donations – donate food and clothes to the needy people or make a donation to an NGO.
  • Event – if possible, dedicate an event in their memory and call all the people who were close to the one who has left you all.
  • Share – however possible, try to share stories, pictures, good memories and deeds of the deceased person on their death anniversary.
  • Send – sending fresh flowers and handwritten noes to the family of the dead person will make you and the family feel good.
  • New tradition – if the person who has passed away wanted to do something specific in life or was already practicing something, make a tradition to practice that thing every year on their death anniversary as a tribute and token of remembrance to them.
  • Support – support a cause that was very close to their heart.
  • Live and achieve – it is often believed that living your life happily and achieving your goals is one of the best ways to pay back to the one who has left us.

Because doing this makes their soul happy and the dead can finally rest in peace knowing that the family is not suffering too much after losing them.

So just carry on with your life along with their memories in your heart and accomplish your dreams.

You might be wondering what is the point of writing letter to a dead person’s family member on their death anniversary, right?

Like, what is the point of doing it? 

The person has already gone and no matter what you do now, they are not going to see you, hear you or read your letter.

But these are the exact same reasons why we must write to the deceased person’s family on his/her death anniversary.

To show them that their family is being taken care of. To tell them that they are gone but never forgotten. To express how we still stand shoulder to shoulder with the ones who are left behind to bare the loss.


All the things unsaid and feelings unexpressed sometimes torture us.

And so, we must write to them, for them and about them. To express ourselves, to feel light, to believe that they are listening us which will help us in overcoming our waves of emotions.

Letting out all that we have in our heart, all that we want to say, everything that is bothering us since they are gone and how their absence is affecting us.


And what the best way of showing love to the deceased person than sending some best suitable words to appreciate and motivate the mourning family.

But not everyone believes in writing long letters on death anniversary, right?

Some believe that writing a short letter, note or a message will be enough.

But not any regular message but a powerful one. A message that will convey all our feeling in just one line.

A line so full of emotions that no other word will be required after writing that.

But where to find such expressive notes, message or quotes?

Right here, right now.

Here are some heartfelt death anniversary quotes for you. some one-liners that are too expressive and impactful which makes the sufficient enough as a note to someone on death anniversary.

Continue reading.

  • “While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil” – John Taylor.
  • “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” – A.A. Milne.
  • “It’s not always the tears that measure the pain. Sometimes it’s the smile we fake.” – Unknown.
  • “When a great man dies, for years the light he leaves behind him, lies on the paths of men” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  • A year has gone by and I still miss you more than I can possibly say. Rest in peace my dearest.
  • Time moves so slowly and even after a whole year I don’t think I’ve fully accepted you’re gone.
  • Hoping you find strength on such a difficult day. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything.
  • Grief is the last act of love we can give to those we loved. Where there is deep grief, there was great love.
  • Goodbyes hurt when the story is not finished and the book has been closed forever.
  • May the love and support of friends and family help you find the strength to get through today.
  • The saddest moment is when the person who gave you the best memories, becomes a memory.
  • Your memories are a treasure I keep in my heart, but they can’t answer the question, why did you have to depart.
  • Praying you find some comfort and peace on such a hard day.
  • On the one-year anniversary of your death I will raise a glass to a true inspiration that you always were.
  • When someone you love dies you never quite get over it. You just learn to slowly go on without them. But always keeping them tucked safely in your heart.
  • I hope you can find some peace and think of happier memories on a day like today.

Ah, so many heart touching notes and quotes. Reading them makes our heart heavy.

But we must do what we have to do. And right now, its sending you the right words to grieve a friend.

Also, you can use these quotes in your letters as well.

It is not a rule that you either have to write a short note or a letter only. You can combine both of them if you wish to.

All you have to make sure is to express yourself truly and to make your mourning friend feel like they are remembered and taken care of in such difficult times, right?


Moving forward with some, siblings, father and mother death anniversary quotes;


  • I still pray for you every day and find comfort knowing that your father’s soul is in heaven watching over you.
  • My love for you grows stronger every year and I cherish the memories I have of you like no other. I miss you terribly bro.
  • All the amazing times I had with my sister become so vivid today. She was a one of a kind and I miss her with all my heart.
  • Words fail to express how much I miss you. My lonely comfort is the knowledge I will see you again. Until then your memory helps me through another year. Rest in peace angel.
  • I find comfort in remembering the countless good times we had mom. Whenever I think of you, I think of us smiling and laughing. I miss you more than words can say.

These last ones were too heavy to read, aren’t they?

But death is inevitable and while we are alive, we must fulfil our responsibilities and one of them includes remembering the one who has passed away and taking care of those who are left behind, right?


Here are more remembrance messages death anniversary for the one who has experienced a great loss and missing them on their death anniversary.

  • Some years are just unbearably hard, and yet we bare them. You have shown your strength this year.
  • When you left, you took a part of my heart with you. It brings me comfort, knowing you are not alone.
  • How you loved someone is reflected in how you grieve.
  • There’s nothing quite as sad as the moment when the person with whom you experienced your best memories becomes a memory too. Keeping that memory alive can bring you comfort.
  • Your memory has walked beside me for a year, and I’m so grateful for the company.
  • Losing you was hard but learning to live without you this year has been even harder.
  • There have been so many moments this year when I looked up at the stars and whispered, “I know that was you.”
  • Each night this year, as I rest my head on my pillow, I look forward to seeing you in my dreams.
  • Every day for a year, I have been thankful for the time we had together.
  • I remembered you in the rustling of leaves beneath my feet. I remembered you in the whisper of falling snow. I remembered you in the song of spring birds. I remembered you in children’s summer laughter. You are with me always.
  • This year has shown me that time can pass quickly and slowly all at once.

And these were some light and easy ones. Remembering someone is easy than forgetting someone, isn’t it?


Knowing how to acknowledge anniversary of a death, is indeed a important, however, alongside, acknowledging someone’s anxiety and helping them to deal with it is equally important as mourning someone, right?

And on that note, keeping someone’s meatal health and emotions in mind, here are some ways about how to acknowledge anniversary of a death;

  • Release butterflies and nervousness.
  • Visit the place where the dead person is finally resting at.
  • Play their favourite movie or song. Try to catch your special moments with the deceased by with the help of a movie you two watched together or through their favourite song.
  • Take some lone time out and spend time in nature to relax your mind and calm your ever running thoughts.
  • Express your emotions to someone who understands you. it will help you cope with your loss.
  • Light a candle or get some flowers to feel light and let your emotions escape through.


There are so many ways to express our feelings are grief for the one who has left us.

But we often don’t find the right words to express ourselves due to emotional pain.

But that should not stop you from writing some touching words to your loved ones when they are going though a tough time in their lives.

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